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In a word, it's Marketing that gives a sh*t!

Ok, so it's a few words. The point is, if you're loosing sleep because you KNOW you have an excellent product but it's just not SELLING as expected... If you're at your best when bringing on a new client, but maybe not so much when it comes to trying to figure out the complex world of mass marketing... If you've ever wished you had an expert on your side, one who knows the industry and personally walks you through every thought – step by step – not just as a customer, but in a real marketing partnership... And if, like many of us, you've got caviar dreams on a bulkie roll budget, then please allow us to introduce you to Tania-Marie.

We may as well put Tania-Marie's contact info right upfront because we suspect you may be emailing her soon:

Tania-Marie Bonkiewicz, Account Manager, Firespring

Back in 2004 we teamed up with Firespring to help us create and host our website. Little did we know that our relationship would flourish into the wild love affair that it is today!

Right off the bat let's go on record and say that Firespring provides the most complete and effective customer support that we as a business (and I as an individual) have experienced, hands down. If you knew the depths of my tendency toward excessive neatness and obstinacy in how things are done you'd understand the magnitude of this statement. For now I'll just ask you to take my word for it.

For nearly 20 years, Firespring has served the marketing needs of small and mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations and enterprising individuals. With more than 3,000 clients on five continents, they provide world-class marketing services, innovative website solutions and unparalleled support to help their clients become more profitable in their operations. Some of their services that we utilize are email marketing, our website of course, and search engine services.

Hopefully by now you've already visited our ALL NEW website at www.aldenhauk.com. If this is your first time come on in and take a look around since you're already here! Our in-house designer spent several weeks holed up working hand-in-hand with Tania-Marie (and Andrew and Gary) to revamp our online presence from soup to nuts. With 49 all new pages, a new format and a slew of helpful online tools for customers and vendors alike, we're already reaping the benefit of our efforts!

One of the tools that we really love is the analytics. With a few mouse clicks we're able to track how many people have clicked through our website and where; track how many recipients have opened and clicked through links in our newsletters; compare the response to different email marketing mailings that we've sent, and so much more.

In 1817 Thomas Jefferson said in "knowledge is power", and for us, knowing which aspects of our marketing best speaks to our customers is vitally important. It helps us project and plan which campaigns we want to undertake and when, giving us total control over (rather than being held hostage by) our marketing. All these things combined are impacting our bottom line.

The point we'd like to emphasize here is how EASY it was! Any questions that we had we'd drop an email or make a quick phone call. Tania-Marie always got back to us the same day, and often within just a few minutes. They're always available to take the time to answer every little question, explain details and options, and most importantly, to show you (or us) how to do it yourself. Additional resources like their online tools, videos and support community makes finding the information you need a piece of cake. And who doesn't love cake?

If you ask them why they do what they do, they have an answer ready. They say:

"The work we do makes a real difference in the lives of our customers. We celebrate that. Actually, we celebrate pretty much everything. We rise to any occasion with a smile on our face, laugh at a challenge, and laugh harder after dominating the task. That might seem a little informal for a values statement, so for you straight-laced types, here's our "official" stance:

1. We bring it. Every day.
The Post Office has nothing on us. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, we deliver the goods on time and strive to obliterate the expectations of our clients and coworkers. Math may not have been our best subject in school, but we always give 110%.

2. We make lemonade.
While we appreciate finely crafted sarcasm and general smartassery, negativity and cynicism are extinct traits within our habitat. We maintain a positive, can-do attitude and work hard to make the best out of any situation. You could call us glass-half-full people. According to HR, we're up to 44 1/2 full glasses and counting.

3. We give a sh*t.
What does it mean to give a sh*t? To us, it means genuinely caring about ourselves and the success and well-being of our coworkers, clients, partners and vendors. Sometimes we even give multiple sh*ts. It's our version of hugging, without the discomfort."

If you ask us, Firespring takes a unique approach to, well, just about everything. They call it smart marketing, we call it brilliant. If you're wondering "why the commercial for Firespring?", it's a reasonable question.

The answer is simple. We've found something really, really good. Something that we think could help you answer some of the increasingly complex questions because, let's face it, there's nothing simple about business anymore. We realize what a gem we have in Firespring, and we're pretty confident that they can help you with some of the solutions you've been looking for.

You can learn more about Firespring here www.firespring.com, learn about their upcoming conference here www.printinghub2013.org, and you can watch a video about the company here make sure life is right.

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